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Omnitracs IVG

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New tech from the industry leader

The latest offering from Omnitracs features a simplified install process, lots of new bells and whistles, and a more affordable price tag.

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Up Front Cost Monthly Cost 3-year Total Cost
$799 $30 $1879

  • Easier install. One  device, one cable
  • New tech features like voice commands and smart phone pairing
  • Lower overall cost than the Omnitracs MCP

  • Relatively new to market
  • Higher up-front cost than the MCP50

Omnitracs is the best known player in the ELD industry, and in early 2016 they announced the Intelligent Vehicle Gateway (IVG) as the future of their telematics product line. The fact that Omnitracs seems to view IVG as their new flagship product is reason enough for most fleets to take a serious look, but they’ve also sweetened the deal with a quicker install, some innovative new features, and a more affordable price tag.

The IVG markets itself as a one device, one cable solution. The standard install still involves removing some dash panels to attach a back-plate for the screen mount, and to connect the device cable to the diagnostic port behind the dash. This is a much simpler and quicker install than the older MCP units, but you can still expect to spend 30 minutes or so. While it’s more time consuming than some of the truly plug-and-play options (like Rand McNally TND), you arguably get a more stable, tamper-resistant connection once it’s done. It’s a nice balance between ease and reliability.

All the standard features you’d expect from an industry leading ELD are available: logs, DVIR, messaging, navigation, engine diagnostics, etc. Users of the top shelf MCP models (110/200) will also recognize the more advanced capabilities that continue to be available with IVG such as in-cab scanning, tire pressure monitoring, dash cams, and so on.

In addition to familiar features, the IVG also brings some new innovations of its own. Drivers can link their own smart phone to the IVG via WiFi or Bluetooth, allowing them to perform certain tasks while away from the truck. A driver could send and receive dispatch messages, update trip progress, and even capture signatures or document images remotely from their phone. Soon the device will even function as a mobile WiFi hotspot, allowing drivers to connect their personal tablet or phone and get internet access through the IVG. The IVG also has a voice command system, somewhat like Apple’s Siri. A driver can simply say “Hello, Omnitracs”, and then speak a wide variety of basic commands to the system. They can do things like go to the home screen, adjust brightness settings, and check on remaining Hours of Service time. This gives drivers the helpful ability to access basic features without touching the device or taking their eyes off the road.

One of the stated goals of the IVG is to provide the advanced capabilities of the higher level MCP models at a lower price point. The up-front cost of the unit is $750-800. This is a little more than the MCP50 base unit, but cheaper than the upper level MCPs and with most of the same advanced features available. Monthly pricing on the IVG is also lower at around $30 for a basic plan. The lower monthly bill adds up over time, and creates a lower total cost than even the MCP50.

All around, the IVG seems to be a great new step in the already excellent line of Omnitracs products. It brings the features and reliability that make Omnitracs an industry leader, and adds new capabilities and an easier install, all for a lower overall price. IVG should be on the short list for any fleet looking for a full telematics solution that goes way beyond ELD basics.

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Display Device

Type: Dedicated / Proprietary



Two-way messaging


Engine Info (MPGs, faults, etc)


Document Scanning

Drivers can make log corrections

Price per unit

Up-front cost: 799

Monthly cost: 30

3-year Total Cost: 1879


Complies with latest ELD Mandate standards: Yes

Vendor: Omnitracs

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  1. Reply
    Mary April 20, 2017 at 8:40 am
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    Fast, easy, and highly reliable. 100% satisfied.

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  2. Reply
    Martin July 18, 2017 at 7:35 am
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    We started to put these in a year and a half ago. Installation is fast and easy (its a plug and play) once you get cable tucked safely behind dash. My drivers love them, they respond faster than anything to date. We’ve used Qualcom for over 10 years, and because its a Qualcomm (or Omnitracs) device we know they’ll last for years. We turned our hours of service around with this system. Very good company with great people.

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  3. Reply
    joe August 18, 2017 at 1:27 pm
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    Not a fan of the system.

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    • Reply
      SW September 22, 2017 at 9:15 am

      It would help if you were more specific as to WHY you are ‘not a fan of the system’. What feature(s) make you not a fan?

  4. Reply
    Hannah August 21, 2017 at 11:28 am
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    Omnitracs has proven to be the reliable company, and their new IVG just proves that again! Looking forward to using ELD on mine.

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  5. Reply
    Tony August 21, 2017 at 1:37 pm
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    Omnitracs definitely has the market knowledge and experience.

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  6. Reply
    Roger August 30, 2017 at 9:30 am
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    Not sure why the description says this is “relatively new to the market” since I put these in a year and a half ago along with my older equipment, all works together and now my drivers are screaming for the new Qualcoms. We tried two other products and neither one stood up to reliability of these. I’ve used Qualcom for over 15 years and they continue to work great in truck after new truck. My owner operators put them in themselves too. Why would you take a chance on something that really is new to the market when you can go with a product that is a sure thing.

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