For ELD Vendors

ELD Ratings is the ideal place to market your Electronic Logging product. Buyers from all segments of the trucking industry come here to learn about ELDs and shop for a solution that fits their needs. We offer vendors several ways to showcase products and services on our site…


  • Display Advertising – We offer a very limited amount of “banner” style advertising on our site. If you would like your graphical ad displayed in one of our ad spaces, contact us for more information.
  • Featured Reviews – If you’re proud of the good reviews you’ve received on our site, highlight them for your potential customers to see. Featured Reviews are displayed prominently on our home page, sidebar, and in search results. We offer a limited number each month, so contact us to get your review the attention it deserves.
  • Video in Review – If you have an informational video on your product, we can display it in our review. This is a great way to provide interested potential customers with an exciting look at your product in action.

Partner Consultant Services

We offer our customers free expert consulting services to help in their selection of an ELD product. While we will suggest any ELD product that we believe will best fit the needs of their fleet, we can provide stronger recommendations and ongoing implementation consulting for vendors who have joined our Partner Consultant program. Vendors in this program provide our consultants with a greater depth of resources and training to help customers evaluate and implement their product.

This program is free to join for both vendors and customers, and vendors pay a commission only when an ELD Ratings customer decides to buy. Contact us for more information.

Improve our Review Information

We take pride in the integrity of our reviews, and no vendor can pay to have their rating improved. However we are always open to corrections or new information. If you feel we got something wrong in a review, or if  you have a great new feature you think we should mention, drop us a line. We of course cannot accommodate all requests, but we welcome the opportunity to partner with you in providing our customers with the most accurate information possible.

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